torsdag, december 17, 2009

Tio råd till en tonårs-"författare".

På författaren John Scalzis blogg Whatever så listar han tio råd till ungdomar som skriver.10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing

Här är rubrikerna:
1. The Bad News: Right Now, Your Writing Sucks.
a) You’re really young.
b) You’re besotted by your influences
c) When you’re young, it’s easier to be clever than to be good.

2. The Good News: It’s Okay That Your Writing Sucks Right Now.

3. You Need to Write Every Day.

4. I’m Not Going to Tell You to Get Good Grades, But, You Know, Try To Pay Attention.

5. Read Everything You Can Get Your Hands On — Even the Crap That Bores You.

6. You Should Do Something Else With Your Life Than Just Write.

7. Try to Learn a Little About the Publishing Industry.

8. Be Ready For Rejection.

9. Start Getting Published Now — Yes, That Means the School Newspaper.

10. Work on Your Zen.

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