torsdag, augusti 30, 2007


På Durant Imbodens icke-kommersiella sajt,
hittar du många läsvärda artiklar om skrivande (på engelska).

Exempel på artiklar:

Travel writing

  • Travel writing
    Opportunities for travel writers Part 1 of a 3-part series on "Travel Writing for Pleasure and Profit."
  • How to write about travel
    Part 2: Basic advice on writing guidebooks, articles, promotional copy, and Web sites.
  • Internet resources for travel writers
  • Character arc
    In a good story, characters grow between "It was a dark and stormy night..." and "The End."
  • Character vs. plot
    Which comes first--the chicken, the egg, or something else?
  • Exploring alternative scenarios
    In fiction writing, the most obvious solution isn't always the best.
  • Go for the big idea!
    If you want to make the fiction bestseller list, pull out all the stops.
  • Subtext
    The delicate art of doublespeak.
  • Trim the fat
    Padded prose makes readers doze.
  • When to revise
    Polish first or forge ahead?

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