torsdag, november 22, 2007

Sex indigrienser i en sensuell romantisk roman

Romantikförfattaren Patty Sailer skriver i en artikel på Eclectics Writer om vilka sex ingredienser hon kryddar sina romantiska romaner med.

1. A very strong, sexy hero. (en väldigt stark och sexig hjälte)
For the heroine to desire the hero with a passion, he has to be one hunk of a man. He must be powerful, strong, sexy, and sensitive in a way every woman wants a man to be.
In essence, the hero is the heroine s ultimate fantasy come true.

2. A spunky, spicy heroine.
(en häftig och het hjältinna)
To arouse the hero s interest, the heroine must be independent, self-contained, and not afraid to say exactly what she feels.

The heroine must possess an inner strength that capitvates the hero straight to the altar!

3. A sensual plot.
(en sensuell historia)
The moment the hero and heroine meet each other, there must be an electrifying attraction between them. The sexual steam between the two of them must rise off the page.

Everytime the hero is near the heroine, he desires to touch her hair, taste her lips. And the heroine is so turned on in his presence, that she can t help but fantasize being naked in bed with him.

To have a sensual plot, the hero and heroine are consistently in situations where the temptatious desire to make love is constantly present.

4. Red-hot scenes.
(glödheta scener)
Sensual scenes are in every chapter. A sexy scene with the hero and heroine can take place under the warm sun, at the beach, on a rug in the living room, or lying on fresh grass.

As the heroine passionately makes love to the hero, she feels her body and soul merging with his. The hero is so totally immersed in her that he forgets who he is, where he is.

The more intense the inner connection between the hero and heroine while making love, the more sensual the scene.

5. Teasing, bold dialogue.
(retsam, djärv dialog)
Bold verbal exchanges between the hero and heroine can be a real turn-on. Teasing words going back and forth between him and her sparks desire and make for a more sensual read.

The vibrant attraction between the hero and heroine must be evident behind every syllable they express to each other.

6. Ecstatically satisfying ending.
(Extatiskt tillfredsställande slut)
The sensual romance novel is intensely emotional and sexual right to the very last scene.

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